Waterloo Police Protective Association Waterloo Police Protective Association

About the WPPA

The Waterloo Police Protective Association (WPPA) is a voluntary Association comprised of active and retired Waterloo Iowa Police Officers. It was created to preserve and maintain integrity as individuals and employees, to promote harmonious and co-operative relationships between the City and its employees, the orderly operations or government in providing for the health, safety and welfare of the community, to improve our conditions, services and efficiency in public service, to protect and serve our interests, welfare, and to engage in collective bargaining or other mutual aid and protections, as provided by law.

The purpose of our association is:

  1. Represent our members

  2. Improve the working and living conditions 

  3. Promote health, security, economic, cultural, educational, social and recreational interests

  4. Protect our members from any injustice that may result of from the legal performance of their duty

Waterloo Police

Protective Association

715 Mulberry St.

Waterloo, IA 50703


(319) 291-4340 x3225